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Gameplay Overview

Bìxié is a 2-player cooperative sidescrolling beat-em-up focused on narrative and theme. The primary gameplay involves solving simple puzzles, fighting enemies, and discovering more about the world through visual novel scenes.

To play the game locally, you need both a controller and a keyboard. To play the game online, you only need to select the same lobby number.

The art style consists of animated pixel art during the sidescrolling gameplay, alongside static illustrations for visual novel sections. It is inspired by traditional Chinese watercolor paintings and calligraphy.

Although the game supports online co-op, we recommend playing with a friend in person to get the full experience (when it’s safe to, of course!)

Please visit our official website for more information about the game and team.

Soundtrack Credits:
Forest music by Dallas Truong, City and Intro music by Sam Feng. CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.

Known Issues

There are still some bugs we need to squish and some polish that needs to be done, but until then please check here if you're encountering any issues!

  • "I'm playing in online co-op, and we can't seem to get in the same lobby. We both end up being P1."
    • Try turning off Windows Firewall to see if it's preventing you from connecting to other players online.
    • If that doesn't work, please try downloading Parsec and playing local co-op instead!
  • "My character can't move at the start of the game! For some reason, we're both controlling the other character."
    • Please restart the game and stay on the character selection screen for a couple seconds before progressing the game. It may take a few seconds to properly process the character selection.
  • "The options menu / character selection isn't working!"
    • If you're playing on a keyboard, the menus are controlled by WASD and not the mouse/arrow keys.
  • "I'm playing online co-op and the lantern is only lit for one of us, so we can't get past the shadowy goop."
    • Unfortunately, you will have to restart the game. :-( We are trying to figure out desync issues, but until then thank you for your patience!
  • "I'm stuck! I'm not sure how to..."
    • "... push the statues."
      • Use Mei Lien's primary attack on the statues to move them!
      • The hitboxes need adjusting, so if it isn't working please adjust your position until it hits.
    • "... light the lanterns."
      • Hold the interact button on top of the lantern as Mei Lien until the circle is fully charged.
    • "... progress past the shadowy goop."
      • Please put all the statues on their plates and light the lantern completely to remove the shadows. If it isn't working, please restart the game.
    • "... hit the blue imps."
      • Use Mei Lien's secondary attack to freeze them. Qinyang can only hit them when they have the frozen animation playing!
    • "... exit the game."
      • There is currently no way to exit the game once you complete it. Please manually close the game using the task manager or other means.

Feedback Form

Thank you so much for playing our game!

We would appreciate it you if you can fill out the feedback form and share your experience playing the game.

We will be carefully listening to your feedback so that we can make the necessary changes to improve the player experience.

Click here to access the form!


Bixie_1.1.2.zip 454 MB
Bixie_OST.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

1. Click the download link

2. Unzip the folder

3. Run Bixie.exe


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From what I saw of this game it looked really cool, however when I tried to play this online with a friend we couldn't get past the character selection screen. We tried different lobbies but couldn't get anywhere. Is there any way to fix this?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our game. ♡ We have restricted the server to one region, which should fix some of the connection issues. Also, please stay on the character selection screen for a few extra seconds before progressing the game to ensure your selections are processed correctly.

Let us know if you're still having issues and we'll look into them right away! Thank you for your patience. :-)